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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Project 01: TofuHustle NFT

Our first project is very awesome! Each NFT picture is nice, smooth, and have amazing colors. This project comes to fulfill 3 mission:

  • To support green environment
  • To support better life
  • To support good creativity

You can join our mission by purchasing this NFTs.

TofuHustle collection has been released on May, 2022. Have you seen it? 😊 This project can be purchased on OpenSea. Please follow this link: 

Buy TofuHustle NFT - Project 1

TofuHustle NFTs based on Ethereum blockchain with ERC-1155 SmartContract. This NFT collection has limited supply, only 8.800 items available with 351 unique traits. Each image has a big size: 1000px * 1000px, and there is no same picture (the only one).

Please visit, buy and earn profits with TofuHustle NFT. If you have succeed to fulfill your mission, please let us know by tagging us @TofuHustle on Twitter. We will publish your success story in our website:

Good luck and be happy with Tofuhustle NFTs

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